User Guide


Bets are placed directly in the Grid, Ladder or Multibet interfaces. To place a bet you simply need to open one of these interfaces, touch on an odd and confirm the bet (in case you haven’t activated the one-touch bets).

Placing Bets

To place a bet in the Grid interface, simply touch on the odd to lay (1) or odd to back (2) in which you wish to bet and the application will place a bet of the pre-determined amount at the chosen odd.

Back and Lay bets on Traderline Mobile Back and Lay bets on the Ladder in Traderline Mobile

If the market is live, bets will not be automatically placed, because it takes Betfair 7 seconds to process bets (the number of seconds is defined by Betfair and varies according to the chosen sport). Throughout this process, you will receive sound alerts (if you enabled them) that will let you know that your bet was placed. You can also check if your bet is matched or unmatched in the respective menu at the bottom. Bets can be placed with just one touch (on the odd) or with a confirmation before placing the bet.

With Traderline Mobile, you can place bets of any amount. For this process to be possible, considering that Betfair’s standard minimum bets are of 2€, Traderline makes use of a procedure that consists in placing two different bets. Therefore, this type of bets takes twice as long to be processed, when compared to normal bets that are higher than 2€.

Betting Settings

You can access betting settings with one touch over the bet amount. Here you will find all the options related to the placement of bets in the market where you wish to bet.

Bet Settings option on Traderline Mobile Bet Settings on Traderline Mobile

You can choose one of the predefined stakes (amount to bet), or manually insert the amount of your stake (1). You can also choose your betting mode (2) – Bet; Liability; Profit:

  • Stake – the amount that is bet matches the chosen bet amount;
  • Liability – the amount that is bet matches the liability you are willing to subject to;
  • Profit – the amount that is bet matches the amount needed to make your intended profit;

Tick Offset on Traderline Mobile Stop Loss on Traderline Mobile

In this menu, you can also find advanced betting options, such as the Tick Offset and Stop Loss features:

  1. Tick Offset is a commonly used tool in trading, because it sets a value for the positive variation of the odd that will automatically close the trade with a certain profit. That is, whenever your position increases in value, it is automatically closed in a profitable situation as soon as the limit of variation that you defined is reached.
    This way, the trade is closed when the odd at which the position is opened suffers a positive variation between 1 and 9 ticks (1 tick represents the minimum variation of each odd). This tool lets you define the profit with which you intend to close the trade.
  2. The Stop Loss tool defines the value for the negative variation of the odd that will take you off the market with minimum loss. In case the bet does not evolve favorably, this option will automatically close your position, preventing bigger losses that would occur if your bet remained open in the market. It is, therefore, a tool to control losses.

The Hedge option always appears selected in the Tick Offset or Stop Loss options, and it is the method of choice to split the profit/loss across all the selections of the market, that is, to ensure that whatever the final outcome of the match is, you will always win or lose the same amount of money on all outcomes. If you wish, you can change the mode of profit distribution to “level”. This mode will put all the profit or loss in a single selection (the one in which you are betting). This means that you can make more profit than in the alternative mode, but, on the other hand, if that selection loses the match, you make zero profit (as if it were a freebet).

Bet Persistence and One touch bets on Traderline Mobile

Afterwards, there is an option related to bet persistence - Normal; Keep Live; Starting Price.

  • If you select Normal, the application will cancel all the unmatched bets before the match goes live.
  • The second option, Keep Live, allows the unmatched bets to be left waiting for a match as the market goes live.
  • The last option, Starting Price, will match all the bets that were unmatched before the start of the event at the starting odd of the event, even if that odd is lower than the one initially defined.

Finally, you have the option of placing unconfirmed bets, that is, betting with just one touch. If you select this option, your bets are placed with just one touch on the market’s odds.

Matched and Unmatched Bets

When you touch an odd, in case you haven’t selected the option Bet without Confirmation, a window will appear with the confirmation of your bet. The window contains information on the type of bet (back/lay), the stake and the odd. The order is given to the market as soon as you touch on Bet.

Confirming a bet on Traderline Mobile Access the information about the bets you’ve placed on Traderline Mobile

After placing the bet, it is matched or unmatched. When a bet remains unmatched, that information will appear next to the respective selection, in the grid interface (as a red circle with the number of unmatched bets in the selection).

Unmatched bet icon on Traderline Mobile

You can confirm the status of your unmatched bets in the bottom menu, in Bets. In this menu, Matched (1) back and lay bets appear immediately in the new window, along with the amount that was bet and the odd of the bet. You can also see the Unmatched bets (2), by touching the second button.

Matched and Unmatched bets menu on Traderline Mobile

Unmatched bets can be cancelled (1) or edited (2) to be quickly matched. If you choose to edit an unmatched bet, a window will appear where you can change the value of the intended odd and the amount of the bet.

Editing a bet on Traderline Mobile