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Traderline’s settings can be found in the menu at the top, in Traderline Mobile’s Home.

Traderline Mobile General Settings

Traderline's General Settings

In the General Settings tab, you can customize your Traderline Mobile in a number of settings:

How to use Traderline Mobile Settings How to customize Traderline Mobile Options list on Traderline Mobile General Settings
  • Include Australian Markets - Adds the Australian markets to the market list in Traderline Mobile;
  • API Request - In the API settings, you can define the number of times per second that Traderline Mobile will update its data. Traderline is pre-set to make 10 requests per second, which corresponds to the Normal mode. The intensive mode increases the number of requests per second, but will increase the battery consumption of the device as well.
  • Predefined Market Interface – You can define the interface that appears as soon as you enter the market of a certain event. You can choose to immediately enter the Ladder, Grid or Multibet interface.
  • Include Betfair Commision – You can configure Traderline Mobile to display your profit already without the amount that corresponds to the Betfair Commission. This way, you will always get your liquid profit.
  • Cancel the Unmatched Bets with Trade – When placing a bet, in case that bet remains unmatched, you can configure Traderline Mobile to automatically cancel that bet when you touch the Trade button.
  • Show the Hedge Value in the Ladder - Always shows the values at the left of the column, in hedge, in the ladder interface.
  • Order of the Columns in the Ladder / Inverted Values in the Ladder – You can customize the order of the columns in the ladder interface, displaying the market in whatever way is more convenient for you.
  • See Fractional Odds - You can choose to see the market with fractional odds (typical in the UK) or decimal odds.
  • Display Live Scores – The live scores feature can suffer some delays. In case that affects your bets, you can disable that service, so that Traderline Mobile does not display any information on the match other than that already provided by Betfair.
  • Hide the Bottom Menu in the Market – To optimize your screen’s space, you can configure Traderline Mobile to always hide automatically the bottom menu.
  • Hide the Account Balance – In case you wish to hide your account balance, you can do it with this option. This way, you can be in a public place and keep your account balance confidential.
  • Enable Sound Alerts - You can enable sound alerts for when the market is suspended, for when you place bets, before the market starts and when the market is about to go live.
  • Edit the Main Sports – With this option, you can edit the sports you wish to include in the Main Sports menu, in Traderline Mobile’s Home.

Editing the top sports on Traderline Mobile

Betfair Account

In this menu, you can access your Betfair account directly from Traderline Mobile. You can make deposits and withdrawals from your account, as well as see all the bets you placed.

Help Center

The most frequently asked questions have an answer explained in Traderline's Help Center. Contacts are also in this section in case you need to get in touch

Accessing the support on Traderline Mobile

Renew Your Subscription

To renew your Traderline Mobile subscription, click on the current license information. After that, you will be directed to a page where you can renew your subscription.

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