User Guide

Grid Interface

When entering a market, Traderline is pre-set to display the grid interface. This is similar to Betfair’s standard interface.

The odds shown in the grid are the actual odds in the market, with the respective liquidity values below each odd.

Grid Interface on Traderline Mobile

Browsing through markets

When entering a certain match, you can browse through the markets of that match directly by touching the markets button (1) or by swiping right, making use of the multi-touch feature of the screen. Both ways will let you access the side menu of market selection.

Market selection on Traderline Mobile How to switch between markets on Traderline Mobile

Reading the market

Reading the market in the grid interface of Traderline Mobile is just like reading it in Betfair. The odds shown are the best odds to back, in the blue column, and the best odds to lay, in the pink column.

The liquidity of the market, that is, the maximum amount you can bet in each odd at that moment, is shown right under the respective odds.

Odds on the Grid Interface in Traderline Mobile

The total amount invested in the market (matched) is shown at the top of the market.

Market betting liquidity on Traderline Mobile

Grid Options

When using the grid interface, you have several options to navigate within Traderline. You can return to the previous menu by clicking on the back button on top of the window (1) or by clicking on the Home button, located on the lower menu of Traderline (2).

The profits you collected with your trades can be viewed right below the ladder (3). Every time you place a bet, the “trade button” is activated and you can close your position whenever you want. You can check your placed bets (matched and unmatched), through the “Bets” button (4). Also, the stats centre is available for the majority of the football matches, along with the price/volume chart from Betfair (5).

Lastly, you can see the market through other views, Ladder and Multibet, by clicking in the respective buttons (6).

Grid Interface features on Traderline Mobile