User Guide


From Traderline Mobile’s Home, you can access all the different menus and features offered by the application. Home is split in the following main areas:

Traderline Mobile main menu explained
  1. Live Sports;
  2. Main Sports;
  3. All Sports;
  4. My Markets;
  5. Traderline Settings;
  6. Search.

Live Sports

In this menu, you can see a list of all the matches live, and see their respective results. These matches are organized by sport (1) and you can choose to see the list, for every sport available (they are shown in the bar) (2).

Inplay betting on Traderline Mobile

Main Sports

From here, you can quickly access all the main sports. These sports are the most popular among customers and, through this menu, you can quickly enter their daily markets.

You can customize the Main Sports menu, according to your personal taste, in the General Settings.

Top Sports menu on Traderline Mobile Football markets on Traderline Mobile Main football leagues on Traderline Mobile

All Sports

Here you can choose the sport where you intend to bet through a market tree interface. By touching the sport, you can access the main leagues, divisions and tournaments and you can see all the available markets for you to place bets. This tree interface gives you easy access to any match and any sport, even if the matches won’t be played in the same day.

All Sports Menu on Traderline Mobile

My Markets

The My Markets menu is split in two windows: My Markets and Favorites.

  • In My Markets you can see a list of markets where you have open positions;
  • In Favorites you will find the markets you manually added to your list of favorites.

You can use this menu to quickly access the markets you marked as favorites, or the markets where you placed bets.

My Markets menu on Traderline Mobile Favourite markets menu on Traderline Mobile

Traderline Settings

in Traderline Settings you can access a number of options that let you:

  • Customize your Traderline Mobile, from General Settings;
  • Access your Betfair account, to deposit/withdraw cash and see your betting history;
  • Contact support to share your suggestions or questions;
  • Rate the application on the App Store (iOS only);
  • Access the User Guide;
  • Renew your subscription or add a code with extra days;

Traderline Mobile General Settings

Browsing Traderline

To enter a market, you can use the previously mentioned menus and browse your way to the market. You can also use the search bar, at the top of the Traderline window, and write the name of one of the teams. That way, you can filter all of the matches and quickly find the one you are looking for.

The search option is always available in the upper right corner.

Search for markets on Traderline Mobile