User Guide

Ladder Interface

To select a market’s ladder interface, touch the Ladder button, at the bottom end of the screen. This interface, besides changing the way the odds of the market are displayed, also provides additional information on the market, which is useful for a more in depth analysis of each odd’s liquidity and their predictable trends of evolution.

Ladder Interface in Traderline Mobile

In order to maximize the size of the mobile screen, you can choose to hide the bottom menu (1), to make use of the space at the bottom, or you can expand the ladder, by touching the expansion button (2). This way, you will be able to work with a full-sized ladder that will take up all the screen of your mobile device.

Ladder options on Traderline Mobile

Browsing in the Ladder

To browse through different markets in the ladder interface, you simply need to touch the markets button or swipe right, making use of the multi-touch feature of the screen.

How to choose markets on the Ladder Interface

To browse through the different market selections (ladders), you can use the selections button at the upper right of the ladder or you can use the multi-touch feature and swipe left.

Ladder selection on Traderline Mobile How to choose a ladder on Traderline Mobile

Reading the Market

Market reading is always the same, regardless of the ladder interface you choose – standard or expanded.

Expanded Interface

Full-view Ladder Interface on Traderline Mobile

Standard Interface

Normal ladder view on Traderline Mobile

This market represents a football match and in it you can see a ladder of the match odds market. In this selection, the users are placing more lay bets, with the weight of money of lay bets at 83%. In this ladder, the balance odd is 3.45 for back bets and 3.15 for lay bets.

Lay bets are placed on the left side (pink color) and back bets are placed on the right side (blue color). Bets are matched when the amount placed on a lay bet is equal to the amount placed on a back bet, that is, when the amounts match.

If you place a bet at the balance odd, it will be quickly matched, because the balance odd is the most favorable odd for those who place back and lay bets simultaneously. As you can see in the market, the amounts shown in blue and in pink are bets that still haven’t gotten in, because they weren’t yet matched with bets on the opposite side.

The reason why those who place lay bets don’t match the back bets (in blue) for these positions is the high odd asked by the back bettors. Those who place lay bets are looking for low odds, in order to make a bigger profit with less exposure. On the other hand, those who place back bets don’t match the lay bets (in red) because the bettors behind them ask for low odds. Back bettors are looking for high odds, because the higher the odd of the back bet, the bigger the profit. The balance odd is accepted by the back and lay bettors, so it is expected that both sides place bets at this odd and that there is a nearly immediate matching.

In case you place a bet at an odd that already has an umatched amount, waiting for a match, your bet will be put in ‘queue’ and it will only be matched after the previous amount is matched. For example, in the ladder of the selection seen above, at the odd 3,15 for a lay bet, there is no money in place or waiting to be matched. In case you place a lay bet at this odd, your bet will be the first one to be matched.

Ladder Options

Liquidity and center ladder options on Traderline Mobile
  1. Market Liquidity – Total amount invested (matched) in the market;
  2. Centering Odds – In markets with quickly changing odds, it is often difficult to keep up with the evolution of the last matched odd, because it is constantly going up or down, as is the case for horse races. With this problem in mind, Traderline Mobile has a button that centers the ladder in the last matched odd. This way, you can follow the movement of the odds of the market, second by second, without getting lost.
  3. Weight of Money in Lay Bets – This indicator lets you see, in percentage, the amount of money that was invested in lay bets;
  4. Last Matched Odd – Current odd of the market.
  5. Weight of Money in Back Bets – This indicator lets you see, in percentage, the amount of money that was invested in back bets;
  6. Total Amount Transactioned – In this column, you can see the total amount transactioned for each odd.