User Guide

Multibet Interface

You can access the Multibet Interface from the bottom menu of the market. In this interface, you can place several bets simultaneously in the selections of the market, through the Dutching or Bookmaking modes.

Access Button to the Multibet Interface on Traderline Mobile
Multibet Interface on Traderline Mobile

These betting modes drastically reduce the risk and uncertainty associated to the bets, because the many possible outcomes of a match are covered, so that you can always make a profit.

  • In Dutching mode, you can place several back bets.
  • In Bookmaking mode, you can place several lay bets.

Betting Modes

Multibet Interface options on Traderline Mobile

You can choose between the Dutching and Bookmaking modes in the menu on the upper right corner (1). Then, there are two betting options you can choose in the Multibet interface – bet or profit (2):

  • Bet: it splits a certain amount across the selections you choose, so that the total amount invested matches the defined amount;
  • Profit: it splits a certain amount to bet in the selections you choose, so that you can make the profit you wish on any of the chosen selections;

After choosing the betting mode in the upper left corner menu, you can manually insert the amount of your choice.

Choosing the Selections

Before placing your bets, you need to choose the selections in which you intend to bet simultaneously (3). After choosing your selections, you simply need to touch the ‘Bet’ button (4).
You can choose the selections by touching in the checkbox behind the odds, to block the current odd. Or you can touch on top of the odd, to block the odd even if it changes until the moment the bet is placed by you.

Liquidity Indicator

Liquidity on the Multibet Interface of Traderline Mobile Liquidity on the Dutching and Bookmaking Interfaces of Traderline Mobile

The liquidity indicator determines the percentage of your bet that will be matched for the respective selection.

Green color: the total amount of the bet will be matched in the selection at hand;

Red color: the bet will not be matched for the respective selection, because there is no liquidity available.

When the liquidity is not enough to match the whole bet, but only a part of it, Traderline will show you the percentage of the bet you can make in the respective selection. The yellow color indicates this situation.