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One of the features of Traderline Mobile is the possibility to follow the results of the matches live, as well as some important statistics for the analysis of those matches.


Livescore is available in the application, when you enter the app and open the live menu, and also when inside live markets.

Live Scores on Traderline Mobile Live betting on Traderline Mobile

Livescores, besides showing the result of a match, also provide information on the current time of the match. Whenever the match is stopped and the market suspended, the menu at the top of the market will have its color changed to red.

Market suspended on Traderline Mobile


When you enter the Stats Centre, you can see the result of the match, as well as important information on the match, such as all the information related to cards, goals, goal scorers and substitutions.

Stats Center on Traderline Mobile

Aside from this, Traderline offers you a whole set of statistical data that lets you analyze all the matches before betting. These statistics are split in Live Statistics and Ranked Statistics:

Live Statistics

Live Statistics are informations that appear only while a match is running and that refer strictly to that match. It is very useful information for a full analysis of the match when you are betting live. These statistics include:

  • Number of Shots;
  • Number of Defenses;
  • Number of Fouls;
  • Number of Corners;
  • Percentage of Ball Possesion;
  • Number of Offsides;

Real time stats on Traderline Mobile

Ranked Statistics

In the statistics centre of Traderline Mobile, you can analyze the teams according to their results in the respective championship, from the Rank Statistics, and in what concerns the last matches between the two teams that are playing, in Face Off:

In Rank Statistics you can analyze:

Shape – Number of victories (W), draws (D) and losses (L) in the last matches.
Overall Performance – Total number of victories (W), draws (D) and losses (L) in the competition.

In Last Face Offs, you can analyze the last matches between the teams that are playing the match.

Head to head stats on Traderline Mobile


Charts provide you with a full perspective of the market, simplifying the analysis of certain variables and of the evolution of the market over time. Traderline Mobile includes the Market Chart of Betfair. This chart displays the full history of the market, ever since it was created in Betfair. This way, you can see how the odds evolved in the market from the moment they open to the moment they close. You can also see the amount transactioned at each odd (in the landscape interface).
This chart is not updated automatically, because it is used to analyze a specific moment in time. To update the chart with the latest information (after the opening), you need to close it and reopen it.

Betfair chart on Traderline Mobile