User Guide

Trading with Traderline Mobile

Traderline is a tool that lets you trade anywhere. To open a position, you simply need to touch one of the odds of the market and, in case you selected the option to bet in one touch, the bet will be automatically placed.

Trading with Traderline Mobile

You can see the status of your position, in the value next to the Trade button. This value represents the added or lost value of your position, considering the value of the odds in the market.

In case you close your position, this value represents your profit. This information is also shown in the ladder interface, where it is possible to see for each odd the amount of profit (or loss) you can make in case the market evolves for that odd.

Trading on the Ladder Interface with Traderline Mobile

To close your position, you can simply touch the Trade button or on the profit amounts that appear in the ladder. After touching the Trade button and closing your position, you can make the same profit, regardless of the result of the match.

Trade button to cashout using Traderline Mobile Profits and losses per selection on the Ladder and Grid interfaces.

Finally, you can check all of your bets, in the bottom menu Bets.

How to access the placed bets menu